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Become the next level photographer?

Explore the opportunities in photography by joining our full time diploma courses starting on 22nd January 2020. What is the content of the courses? Learn the basics like art of seeing, making a photo, understanding the light, picture composition, telling stories through photos. Exploring the artificial lights and studio flashes, shooting all kinds of portrait photography, fashion […]

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A Few Become Many: Photo walk on Mahabalipuram’s Shore Temple.

A SUV from Chennai to Mahabalipuram used to pack at best two people from Ambitions4 Photography Academy on its way for an early morning Photo walk in Mahabalipuram. The story this time was different. There were 9 seats in the car including the one behind the steering wheel and there were 14 applicants for it. After filtering […]

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Photo guru Travel Diaries. Stop 1 : Salem!!!

Learn to shoot stunning images with Studio Flashes, Create amazing portraits, model portfolio images and more. Understand Studio Lighting techniques in depth. Take your Photography to the Next Level!!! Learn from the Master KL RAJA Ponsing! Join SRI PRABUS PARADISE STUDIO in there effort to host Mr.KL Raja Ponsing, founder of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy and KLR the photo guru YouTube channel at Salem, Tamil Nadu […]

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Our family just got BIGGER

The orientation program for the newly admitted Learners of diploma in photography course was organised on 22nd Jan 2020. The Students were greeted by the seniors and the staffs of Ambitions 4 Photography Academy and introduced to the campus, facilities, culture and history of the place. The orientation was held at our Pallikaranai Campus. The dignitaries present on the occasion were KL Raja […]

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An article about our alumni Sathish Kumar

This is an article about our alumni Sathish Kumar whose work got featured in BURN magazine and subsequently published in “The Hindu -Tamil” by Journalist M.Kannan. Sathish Kumar, for his series of photos, has been selected as one of the finalists for the Emerging Photographer Fund 2019 which was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, funded privately by Michael Loyd Young […]

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