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Online LIVE Class – Basic Photography Series

The Online Basic Photography Series in Ambitions 4 Photography Academy by KLR the photo guru is designed to help you figure out your Camera better. It is a course where you learn how to capture incredible images with your mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera.

Date : 17th Oct 2020

Time : 7pm to 9pm IST

Course Fee: INR 8200/-

How will the Online Basic Photography course help you?

  • Understand the camera controls & use it right.
  • Learn the essential techniques of photography to make a picture.
  • Learn to shoot meaningful photos.
    Make picture composition work wonders.
  • Discover a fine photographer in you on a journey starting from Ambitions 4 Photography Academy.

Become a better photographer through our streamlined curriculum with online live sessions, feedback, and review sessions with the mentor.

Photography, like any kind of fine arts, opens up a channel for self-expression and helps the individual to discover the world and enjoy the finer aspects of life. People who learn and practice the art of photography tend to develop as a better human being who can make positive changes to themselves and society.

Basic Photography Online Course will cover:

1.Digital Fundamentals:

This class will cover the fundamentals of Digital Photography. You will gain clarity on what ‘Digital’ is all about. You will be learning about Pixels & image quality, JPEG or RAW, megapixels & Resolution, White balance, Picture style, ISO etc.

2. Know about your Cameras:

The digital camera with various buttons and options has always intrigued us. In this class you will be learning about the Major camera controls & important menu settings.

3. Learn about lenses:

Knowing your lens is vital in your storytelling process. In this class, you will be learning all about the Role of the lens in Photography, and various other technicals details like focal length, perspectives, DOF, prime, zoom, sweet spot, VR/IS, lens hood, etc.

4. Aperture control:

Aperture… a term that many with a camera are talking about? In this class we will learn all about Aperture, Aperture and exposure, Aperture and depth of the field DOF, point of focus, selective focus, factors affecting DOF – Application of the aperture control for various subjects and situations.

5. Shutter Speed control:

How to capture that quirky action of a child in a split second? That frozen water droplet? How to show the speed of the running deer? This class about Shutter speed will unravel the mystery giving you mastery over capturing time in a picture! You will be learning everything about Shutter speed and exposure, Shutter speed, and motion effects, reciprocal principle, IS/VR – Application of Shutter speed control for various subjects and situations.

6. Exposure – 1:

Are some of your pictures coming our brighter or darker than expected? Are you still confused about getting the brightness levels correct in every picture? These classes on Exposure will help you get a perfect picture every time. You will be learning all about the Exposure triangle, Exposure modes M, Av.Tv, P, and Auto – Application of Exposure control for various subjects and situations.

7. Exposure – 2:

Understanding how your camera measures light and defines the exposure is important in getting the setting right to shoot the perfect picture. You will be learning the Exposure meter system – Its Application for various subjects and situations, exposure compensation etc. in this class.

8. Lighting – All about Light:

Photography is nothing but creating an image using Light. You will be amazed at what you can create once you understand Light. In this class, you will be learning about the Role of light in photography, Source, intensity, Hardness, Direction, Colour of light, High-key, and Low-key light.

9. Composition – All about Aesthetics:

It isn’t enough if our pictures are just technically perfect. In this class you will understand the Art and purpose of photography, shooting meaningful and communicative images, Rule of thirds, the golden rule of composition, lines, and curves, aesthetic cropping, relative scale,etc.

10. Photo reviews:

How do you ensure that you have learned everything right? A Review and feedback of participants selected images, with tips suggesting the scope of improvement is definitely a bonus to take your skills a level up!

11. Intro Flash Photography:

The little pop-up flash on the camera or the big external flash used by several professional Photographers! It must have always intrigued you. We all understand that it is quite helpful when there is not enough light to take a picture. Do you know that flash is extensively used by some photographers during the day too? Find out why?, in this class you will learn Flash photography basics, understanding the use of built-in flash, a quick intro about speed light photography, bounce flash.

12. Lightroom basics:

In this class, you will learn how to process your digital images using Lightroom. Every digital image requires a little bit of tweaking to convey our message effectively. Here you will be learning the basic workflow of Processing your digital image in terms of cropping to get your composition right, color correction techniques, simple retouching to finetune your images to perfection.